Orsolya Schuster

Thanks to a dear photographer friend, our wedding photos, and in fact, our entire wedding day, was an unbelievably magical experience for both me and my husband. He caused us to feel as if we were the stars of the day. He told me my smile was beautiful, he praised my dress, he made it possible for me to be myself in front of him and in front of the camera. It was at that time that I decided that I would like to relive that beautiful day over and over again, sharing what I experienced on my wedding day with other brides.

For me, photography is a continuous daydream, where I am free to dream about new stories, in new locations, and with new characters.

When I take the camera into my hands and look through the lens, a completely different world opens up before my eyes: a kind of storybook land where it’s possible to play, to try different things, to experiment with interesting props and accessories. A place where there is no requirement that something be “just so”. Where the centerpiece is my photo subject, because I am striving to draw out the most beautiful things inside her.



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